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Wish you could be more motivated and find more time to write?

You can slog away on your own OR you could set aside two hours a week and join us for a regular Writing Room session - to keep that project moving forward.

Writing Room members get access to a weekly online writing session, our private Facebook group and workshop discounts. The group includes all sorts of writers from playwrights and novelists to screenwriters and bloggers.

The Writing Room opens at 7pm on Zoom every Tuesday....and we write.

"Was great to have some dedicated time to focus on writing and be around other writers." Andrea Kenrick

It doesn't matter what you're working on or what level you're at - you're turning up to write!

Members love what belonging to this writerly group does for their motivation and productivity. Apparently blocking out regular, writing time works!  (See more testimonials below.)

There's no sharing AND if it's not for you, you can easily unsubscribe.

“It was so great to meet people who are just like me -want to get their damn stories out, but struggle for time!” Susy Egneus

"Super-useful! I moved the narrative further and fleshed out some of the detail. I need a bit of help finding motivation to write outside work given that I sit at a screen all day long." Atakohu Middleton

"A weekly write-in is so good to keep the motivation going and build a good sense of belonging to a positive group! I always feel positive and encouraged after a session." - Jill Bradley

"I loved the session it actually gave me time to work (and I will finish) on one of the many half-baked ideas I have lying about the place." - Simone McGregor

"Writing is generally lonely but it was encouraging to see others plugging away on their novels, kids' books or scripts. Time flew and before I knew it, I'd cranked out 873 words." - Yvonne Milroy

"Writing Room is always A+++. Irrespective of how brain dead I might be by 7pm, you all inspire me to haul something creative out of my brain. I am always amazed by what I have to show for that two hours every Tuesday." Robyn Welsh

Can't make every single session?  No problem - it's up to you how often you attend.

How much does it cost?

It costs less than two coffees a week - even less if you choose a 3 or 6 monthly subscription.

What type of writers join The Writing Room?

All kinds - we currently have members working on novels, flash fiction, short stories, screenplays, blogs, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, memoir and plays. 

How Does The Writing Room Work?

We get together on Zoom...

  • The facilitator gets everyone to do a fun, writing prompt to get you all into a creative headspace aka the zone. 
  • We share our writing goal for the evening and then we settle in to write for a couple of hours...
  • No sharing or critiquing - just focused writing time.

Scroll down to see FAQs below...

“Last year I was the person who was procrastinating over my novel and its messy ending. Thanks to the weekly accountability this group provides I’ve finished it and posted it to a publisher.” Sally Christie

"Kathryn herself is a great motivator in that she is working as a writer as well. That is what makes The Writers Room such a great facility." Jill Bradley

"I joined to give myself some focus and discipline.. also love the creative exercises!" Zoe

"I joined to refocus my energy on my writing and achieve definite outcomes (whether planned or completely out of the blue!)" Susan Wylie

"It was great - I’m finding the writing room not only benefits me for the two hours I’m in it, but also outside I feel it’s so much easier to ‘start’." - James Page

"Thanks, it was great, I felt really inspired!" - Rachel Hughes

Joining The Writing Room is for you if...

  • You have a good internet connection
  • You want to maintain writing momentum.
  • You're sick of procrastinating and want to be more productive.
  • You want to smash your writing goals this year.
  • You have time to commit to a regular writing appointment.
  • You have a Facebook Account (This optional.)
  • You like belonging to a supportive writing community

Here's What You Get...

  • Access to the Tuesday Night Write-Ins aka your weekly writing appointment (bar Christmas break and early January.) 
  • Access to the private Writing Room Facebook Page
  • Discounts for any of my Beginner's Guide Writing Workshops


Q: When is the best time to subscribe?

A: You can subscribe at any time. Your monthly fee is charged on the same date every month rather than at the beginning of each month.

Q: What if I decide it's not for me?

A:  You can easily unsubscribe - no questions asked. When you receive fee notification from Gumroad - you'll see an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email.

Q: What type of writers benefit from this membership?

A: All writers. Our group is currently made up of a mix of screenwriters, novelists, memoirists, bloggers, flash fiction fiends and short story enthusiasts.

Q: How much time can I expect to commit in order to get the most from my membership?

A:  This is up to you - we all have busy lives.  But it would be great if you could commit at least 6-8 hours per month.  And it would be lovely to see you most weeks.

Q: What if I can't make it every Tuesday?

A: No problem at all - just come along to the next one.  Think of it as a gym membership - it's up to you how often you want to attend. You don't have to let me know.

Q: What if I'm going to be turning up late?

A: Don't worry. You'll be muted as you enter so you won't disrupt anyone.

Q: Will we ever get together in person?

A: Yes, I occasionally host Writing Room social events! 

Q: Can I share my work with the group?

A: Yes, if you'd like to. The Writing Room Facebook Page is the place for that. 

Q: How will I access the Writing Room Members Facebook Page?

A: When you subscribe - I'll send you an invitation to join the group.

Q: How does the membership subscription work?

A: Like any subscription. Once you've subscribed to The Writing Room - you'll be charged a monthly subscription using the credit card you set up your subscription with.  (Or 3 -6 monthly if that's the type of subscription you choose.)

Got more questions?  Please get in touch - kathryn.burnett@xtra.co.nz

I hope you'll come join us!



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Writing Room Membership

6 ratings